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construction equipment

The company "MEGKLIS Contruction Limited Technical, Travel, commercial, industrial and construction companies' (abbreviation ME.KON. Inc.) was founded in 2002 by Mr. Megkli George Peter. It is a construction company engaged in construction projects, public or private, such as road construction, bridge construction, plumbing, drainage, irrigation, port, construction, energy - industrial, electromechanical, especially geotechnical and environmental protection projects.
The company's headquarters are in Kavala St. Halkis 10.
From 2004 until today, the company showed a remarkable activity, performing wealth building and plumbing works and road construction projects, environmental projects and various special projects, some of which are presented in detail.
Since 2012 the company started to operate also in the field of recycling.
The 2014 unit installed recycling A.EK.K. Kimmeria in Xanthi. The aim of the unit is the recycling of demolition and excavation - lowering of Public & Private projects finished products, sand, aggregates various classifications, 3A, iron and suitable for topsoil materials, coating materials dumps, rehabilitation of quarries etc.